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Green Tea Massage LLC offers a wide array of massage services that help improve health and well-being. We focus on a holistic approach that strives to bring harmony to the body and mind. 

At Green Tea Massage we indulge you to the healing power of touch. We believe that the mind is connected to the body. What the mind thinks, the body follows. It is important to understand that most physical pains are a manifestation of a deep-seated emotional pain, stress or anxiety. A holistic massage is one of the healthy ways to keep your body and mind in a healthy balance. With proven massage techniques, we use the sense of touch for deep relaxation of the mind and natural restoration of the body. 
We pride ourselves in fulfilling our core goal of helping people who are struggling with pain, stiffness, and stress through our services including reflexology massage. We are a dedicated team of qualified therapists who put in extra effort to achieve our goal and reach out to more people who trust our expertise. 

Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation of mind and body. Call us today at (971) 246-9129 to know more about our services.,
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